1. Industrial automation and control systems :
    - Programmable logic control systems:
    PLC system topologies can range from a simple single controller to redundant wide area distributed networks of controllers and remote i/o nodes. We are able to tailor system topology through the effective application of remote i/o and communications media and protocols in order to meet our client expectations on cost, resilience, availability and supportability.
    - Supervisory control and data acquisition systems( scada) : scada refers to the centralized systems that control and monitor the entire sites, or they are the complex systems spread out over large areas. Nearly all the control actions are automatically performed by the remote terminal units (rtus) or by the programmable logic controllers (plcs). The restrictions to the host control functions are supervisory level intervention or basic overriding. For example, the plc (in an industrial process) controls the flow of cooling water, the scada system allows any changes related to the alarm conditions and set points for the flow (such as high temperature, loss of flow, etc) to be recorded and displayed
  2. Automation and control panels: all control panels supplied by Enercon ECV LTD are manufactured to the very highest standard and quality. Our skilled workforce take great pride in ensuring all control panels are built to the highest quality before being tested by our fully trained engineers. All special requirements and specifications that customers may have ranging from type, size & colour etc, can be accommodated for by Energo electrical ltd Panel types supplied by energo electrical ltd are very diverse and range from a simple motor starter panel to a multi-bay control panel suite containing control gear to control the complete process of a fully automated plant.
  3. Drive and motion control
  4. Machines safety systems
  5. Power distribution, monitoring and control systems
  6. Industrial lighting
  • Power distribution , monitoring and control
  • Lighting systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire detection and alarms
  • Access control : traffic barriers, automatic gates, door access
  • Climate control ( ventilation and heating control )
  • Feeding and drinking systems
  • Lighting systems incl . Led and hi frequency lighting
  • Alarm and lifestock safety systems incl standard and wireless sytems .
  • Remote farm control and monitoring systems

Thanks to gsm based alarm systems it is possible to monitor and control alarms at home , farm or factory without landline connection. Gsm dialler will ring or text your phone when there will be a problem in monitored area , i.e.: intruder at your property , temperature too high or too low in poultry house, malfunction in feeding, ventilation or any other system in your farm.

Point to point or point to multi point wireless broadband transfer up to 27 miles. We use an existing broadband connection in one point i.e house and transfer it to different location i.e. Farm , factory, building site etc. Thanks to that there is no need for another landline and extra bill to pay, just use your existing broadband connection for one or more locations.

  • 24/7/365 call out support
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Holding and servicing of spare parts
  • Niceic approved inspection , testing and certification of electrical systems.
  • Agricultural cctv systems can be installed in areas such as holding pens, calving pens, tool shops , gates, poultry houses, fields where animals are kept. It can help to monitor daily operations such as feeding or milking when you are away and also to prevent theft.
  • Industrial cctv: systems can be used to monitor safety and efficency of production process
  • Commercial cctv systems can be designed to meet the most demanding requirements, whilst providing full connectivity with any on site intruder or access control systems.
  • Automatic number plate recognition cameras system will capture any outgoing and incoming vehicles to property and can be set to allow access ( i.e . Open gates or traffic barriers ) only to approved vehicles. System will inform user if unauthorised vehicle will be registered.